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    Non-Stitch Eye Surgery


    The right tools for the job

    Any surgery is a delicate matter, but when it comes to retina and vitreous eye procedures, small details can make a big difference. For the past decade, I have been performing vitrectomy surgery using smaller 25-gauge instruments, rather than larger 20-gauge tools.

    Why 25-gauge? There are multiple benefits for using these small, precise instruments no larger than the tip of an injection needle:

    • No stitches required. Unlike with 20-gauge tools, which require dissolvable sutures to close both the hard and soft outer layers of the eye, using smaller instruments means uncomfortable stitches are no longer necessary.
    • Reduced pain and discomfort. A smaller incision site and lack of sutures lead to decreased post-operative discomfort, pain, inflammation and redness.
    • Shorter surgery. Performing a procedure with these smaller, more precise instruments is often a much faster endeavor – an important factor that contributes to increased comfort and accelerated healing time.
    • Faster healing. The smaller incision site and absence of sutures allows for a swift healing process. An eye patch and shield are typically worn for one day after the operation, with a typical total healing time between 1-2 weeks.

    With the development of even smaller 30-gauge instruments on the horizon, I look forward to utilizing these smaller utensils for many successful procedures in the coming years.

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    About Dr. Eric Medina Dr. Medina was born in New York City and grew up locally here in Boca Raton. He graduated Summa Cum Laude at the University of Florida with a thesis on drug development for diabetes and

    M.D., PH.D., FACS


    LAUREN R. ROSECAN MD PHD FACS THE RETINA INSTITUTE OF FLORIDA Growing up the son of a prominent internist and endocrinologist, Dr. Lauren R. Rosecan’s natural predilection toward medicine ensured that his

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